Both ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) and AMF (Automatic Mains Failure) panels are designed to switch the electrical load of a system from the normal supply to a standby supply and back again. Normally this would be from the Mains to a Generator.

This is accomplished by use of an electronic control module which monitors both supplies and a pair of interlocked contactors, switches or circuit breakers that switch the supplies. Under most conditions the Mains is available and its contactor closed, when the Mains fails the control module sends a signal to start the generator. The only difference between an ATS and an AMF is how the generator is started.

ATS - includes a volt free contact that the generator uses to start/stop via its set mounted control panel - GCP.

AMF - includes a generator controller with start/stop (cranking) plus speed, oil pressure, water temperature and fuel level alarms.

Thus if the system has a generator with its own Generator Control Panel (GCP) then an ATS is suitable. They are also suitable for switching from Mains to Mains supplies.

If the standby supply is from a generator without its own Generator Control Panel (GCP) then an AMF is required.

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