Automatic Transfer Switches to IEC 60947-6-1 manufactured in the UK by Mertech

The Mertech Automatic Transfer Switches and Life Safety Automatic Transfer Switches are the ideal solution for transferring power from the Mains to a Standby supply or from Network to Network supplies. With Mains or Network monitoring and full electrical and mechanical interlocking you can be confident of switching supply under fault conditions at any time. And with sizes from 45 Amps up to 6300 Amps we can pretty much cover the requirements of all your likely projects. With full conformity to the latest IEC 60947-6-1 you can confidently specify the Mertech range of Automatic Transfer Switches.

Type Testing and Conformity

To offer conformity to IEC 60947-6-1 a manufacturer has to test their product in line with the ‘Type Tests’ and ‘Routine Tests’ that are fully set out in the standard and detailed in sub clause Table 7. These tests are rigorous, as would be expected of a product which can have such an important function.

The tests in the standard include such things as Temperature Rise, Dielectric Properties, Making and Breaking Capacities, Electrical & Mechanical Operational Performance and Short Circuit Capacities.


Mertech manufacture three different types of Transfer Panels:

  • Contactor Type - Series CC,
  • Motor Operated Switch Type - Series PC
  • Circuit BreakerType - Series CB.  
Life Safety By-Pass Switches

For applications requiring to comply with the latest ‘Life Safety’ standards, Mertech manufacture a complimentary range of single and double manual by-pass switches. By-Pass switches are manual four pole transfer switches. They are designed to isolate the Automatic Transfer Switch with minimum interruption to the load supply.

Transfer Control devices

The transfer control devices can be designed to suit any application as long as the controls  comply with the sequence and limits of operation as stated in the specification. A number of devices are offered on Mertech Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment. All have been tested and comply with the specification and some go well beyond the minimum  requirements set out.